I see a lot of art…more than most people see.  In the past 10 years, I have been to roughly 1000 museum exhibitions and 3000 gallery exhibitions all over the world; that coupled with looking at books, magazines, websites, television, restaurants, offices, and homes…well, it adds up to a LOT of artwork.  I am happy to assist buyers with finding the perfect piece or pieces to add to their collections. Whether it is to find that specific piece to go into your space or to develop a plan for you to build upon over time, I can help you define your goals and then do the legwork – researching options for you. I can introduce you to artists, dealers, galleries so that you will feel confident in your choices. 

Additionally I offer assistance with curating, cataloguing, shipping, framing & installation for artwork. I am doing exhibition development, some gallery curating and sales and corporate art consulting so if you think of anything to do with art, please keep me in mind because I would love to help.

Mike McClung
ArtLook, LLC

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    • I just couldn’t help it – when I saw the new group of images that you and Colleen put together for me to review, I thought I had better share them!

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