Art as Investment

Most artwork is not purchased as an investment; it is simply purchased by admirers who are willing to pay for it. Almost all art (even if it is expensive) is priced very subjectively, and most often it will not appreciate in value. That said, if you are interested in buying artwork as an investment, I can assist you in finding works that have investment potential.

There are always artists that are up and coming and that are on the verge of greater recognition – their works may have special appeal to collectors with the guts for speculation.

Additionally, there are works that are already being bought and sold in secondary markets (dealers & auction houses) and those with strong track records are likely to continue to be bought and sold over time and are often good investments.

Working with galleries, dealers and auction houses (and doing a LOT of research), I can assist you with finding pieces that you like and that have the potential to appreciate. 

Mike McClung
ArtLook, LLC

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