Rest of the DC trip – My Top 5

Last week I got back from a whirlwind tour of the art scene in DC. I was tagging this expedition onto the tail end of a trip to the beach for Labor Day. It turns out that my timing was not the very best – a lot of galleries and museum shows were just beginning to stage new shows for the Fall. Even so, there is always an enormous amount of art to look at – these shows represented my top 5 for this trip:

  1. Kandinsky & the Harmony of Silence: Painting w/White Border (Closing @ the Phillips)
  2. Stella Sounds: The Scarlatti K Series (Closing @ the Phillips)
  3. Chris Martin: Painting Big (Corcoran)
  4. Asian American Portraiture Now (National Portrait Gallery)
  5. In the Tower: Nam June Paik (Closing at The National Gallery)

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